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Zach GeE
Owner, Trainer
Inspired by Passion

Personal STrength & Conditioning Training

Zach Gee is the owner and coach of Big Iron Sports Performance.  Having spent over 10 years in high school, collegiate, and private strength and conditioning, he can design a program tailored to the needs of each individual athlete to achieve optimal performance. 

At Big Iron Sports Performance, I help athletes compete at the highest level and feel unstoppable in sport and life by training them in a manner that they can go into the endeavor of their choice with a “big iron on their hips.

Big iron on his hip
In 1959, country singer Marty Robbins came out with a song titled “Big Iron.” The song takes place in the Old West and is about an Arizona Ranger who comes to town to serve justice to an outlaw named Texas Red, taking him dead or alive. Texas Red has already killed 20 men who tried to apprehend him. This doesn’t phase the ranger. The ranger and Texas Red have a shootout at the end of the song. The Ranger, with the feeling of being unstoppable with his gun or “big iron on his hip”, swiftly beats Texas Red to the shot and kills him.

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