Big Iron Sports Performance

Zach Gee is the owner and strength and conditioning coach for Big Iron Sports Performance.  His interest in sports and training the body to become even better started from a young age.  He played almost every youth sport offered by his small town in Utah while growing up.  In addition to playing sports, training to enhance performance was impressed on him through watching the training montage featured in each Rocky movie, hearing great stories of training feats performed by professional athletes, and learning to love the process of seeing his body change through strength training. He knew strength and conditioning was a field he would like to pursue after learning about it in his football coach’s  sports medicine class in high school.

Zach has extensive education and experience in the world of strength and conditioning and personal training.  He has a B.S. in Exercise and Sports Science from the University of Utah and an M.Ed. in Health, Physical Education, and Recreation from Utah State University.  During his undergrad he served as an intern with the University of Utah strength and conditioning staff.  During graduate school, he was a graduate assistant strength and conditioning coach, overseeing the programs for the track and field throwers and gymnastics team, as well as assisting with many other sports teams.  After graduate school,  Zach gained experience working with the general population as a personal trainer for two years once leaving Utah State.  Most recently, before starting Big Iron Sports Performance, Zach taught weight training and served as a strength and conditioning coach at Juan Diego Catholic High School.

Zach’s philosophy is that everyone should train like a high level performer, whether they are playing sports at a high level, enjoying some quality recreation time, or want to keep up with their kids or grandkids.  The ability to move in a way that allows you to accomplish your goals gives you freedom.  Our goal is to help give you the keys to unlock this freedom to empower you in sport and life.