Big Iron Sports Performance

Online Coaching

Online Strength and Conditioning and Personal Training is for the person who wants a program tailored for his or her goals but feel comfortable not having a coach watch every set and rep.  With this option, the client will receive a workout program every 4 weeks and receive nutrition consultation. The client will keep track of exercise and nutrition records to help inform the coach of the effectiveness of the program.  The coach may also have the client film his or her self performing exercises for technique feedback.  The coach will check in once per week with an email for accountability and program effectiveness.  In addition to the check in email, an unlimited number of emails can be sent to the coach to help answer any questions about the program.


Pricing for the online strength and conditioning and personal training program comes in a 4 week option and a 12 week option.  Pricing is as follows:

  • 4 Week Option = $200.00
  • 12 Week Option = $540.00 ($180.00/4 weeks)